Bartelt Horizontal Sachet Machine


Ex-Demo Colloid Mill


Recirculating Tube.

Adjustable Stator

Great for making pastes.

316 Stainless Steel

Capacity: 60-80kg/h


Weight: 150kg

Video: https://youtu.be/GjE3A67FFZg

Ex-demo CPM 50 – 500ml filler on stand


Tray Sealing Machine


500Lt Cooking Tank


Koppens VM 400 HSE Patty Forming Machine


Super Sealer REI-70L Semi-Automatic Vacuum Sealing Machine


Ishida Checkweigher x Anritsu Metal Detector Combo Unit


200mm x 70mm


Gas Continuous Oven


6 metres length

Great running condition – just decommissioned

Electric hood lifter for easy cleaning

2x reserve oil holding tanks

Pillow Style VFFS


Max width: 350mm

Max length: 250mm

Mild Steel Rotary Pin Mill


Auger Screw Feeder


Food Grade

Flow Force Australia

Doy Packing Line


1. LDB-300: Doypack Machine

2. 10-head Weigher

3. Platform

4. Z-type Bucket Elevator

5. Inclined Exiting Conveyor

6. Carton Taper

ADCO Horizontal Auto End Load Cartoner


Continuous motion

3 Phase, 415V, 10 Amps

Mild Steel KEK Rotary Sieve


Mild Steel Hammer Mill with Auger Feed


Melting Tank with Agitator



Tube Filler/Sealer (Semi-Automatic)


Tube Filler/Sealer / 8 Station Rotary


1000ML Dual System Piston Filler


500ml Dual System Piston Filler


CPM Liquid Filler Line (2020 model)


Infeed rotary table
5m conveyor
4x 1Lt pistons
Bottom up fill
Bottle clamps
Holding tank
Allan-Bradley touchscreen – PLC controls
Wrap-around labeller
Outfeed rotary table

4-Head Linear Weigher x Z-Type Bucket Elevator x Stand


Outlet height: 3.3m

Total height: 3.75m

YOM: 2021

Weigher max weight: 1.0kg

Tray Sealer


Tray size: 218 X 168 X 60MM

Jar Filling Line


In feed rotary table

4-head servo driven filling machine

Vacuum capping machine

Cap unscrambler/placer

Labelling/date stamp machine

Out feed rotary table

Volumetric Auger Filler


Product Outfeed Conveyor


2200mm belt length

Height at discharge is 1450mm (Table working height)

Belt width is 350mm

Single phase, 240v, 10amp

Variable speed controller

SBECER Metal Detector/Check Weigher Combo Unit


N&N Nadratowski Twin Shaft Paddle Mixer with Bin Lifter and Outfeed Auger Screw 


Model: MIX-450

YOM: 2013

Power: 3Ph, 420V, 50Hz

4-Head Linear weigher with Bin Lifter


Auger Filler


Auger Screw Feeder


4.5M Conveyor


Infeed Rotary Table


Ishida IX-G2 Series X-Ray Inspection System


Model: IX-G2-4027
Serial: 100072370
YOM: 06/14
Power: Single Ph, 240V, 50Hz

Ishida IX-GA Series X-Ray Inspection System


Model: IX-GA-65100
Serial: 84881
YOM: 11/11
Power: Single Ph, 240V, 50Hz

Vibratory Sieve


Diameter: 1500mm

2080mm L x 480mm W Conveyor


In feed height: 840mm
Out feed height: 1100mm
Stainless steel

1560mm L x 480mm W Conveyor


In feed height: 840mm
Out feed height: 1100mm
Stainless steel

Ishida Multi-Head Weigher & Stand



Japco Feeder/Sorter/Shaker Table



Dough Mixer


Anritsu Metal Detector x Checkweigher Combo


Ribbon Blender


Mild steel


Internal tub: 1880mm x 1160mm x 1200mm H

External full dimensions: 1550mm x 3400mm x 2060mm H

400Lt Paddle Mixer


Tronics Labeller


2x Available


Avery Dennison Labeller


Model: ALS – 230

2x available


CTM Labeller


Heatshrink Tunnel


Ishida Checkweigher


Weighing capacity: 1200g
YOM: 10/2008
Power: Single Phase, 240V, 50Hz

Heat shrink tunnel with infeed


Linear/Auger Filling Jar Line


Used to fill granular and powder products

Video: https://youtu.be/_Va2KdUuTWk

L-Bar Sealer x Shrink Tunnel


Ex-Demo Bowl Elevator Unit


Great for sticky products!




30-head Multi Head Weighing Scale


Brand: High Dream

YOM: 2018

Never used

Anritsu Checkweigher


(Model: KW5304AW5R)

Sachet Machine


Just arrived – contact us for more info

Roasting machine (Electromagnetic)


Capacity: 10-20kg/h

Roast time: 20-35 minutes

Heating Power: 1-5kw/5grades

Motor Power: 0.25kw

Voltage: 240V/50HZ Single phase

Overall Size(mm): 930 X 660 X 1270

Streamfeeder High speed Continuous Feeder


(Model: V-1000)

NU-CON Sifter


Sifting screen


3-Phase 4pin 10-amp

8-inch infeed flange

5-inch inlet

Fines outlet: 8-inch

Course outlet: 3-inch

Overall length: 1300mm

Overall width: 460mm

Height: 770mm

Mobile castors

Vacuum Filler


Rotary Doy – General Packer


One-head setup for Doy bag flat bag 90 x 164 mm long, 250 gram

Can be used with liquid filler, powder auger or weigh filler



Loma Metal Detector Head


Orifice: 350mm width x 145mm height

L-Bar Sealer W/ Tunnel


Powder Bagger


Vertical Form Fill Seal with Auger Filler.

Great condition


3-Phase, 415V, 50Hz

Touch screen

Italian 2001 Model

Conical Tank w/ Rotary Valve Feeder


Height: 1740mm

Diameter: 760mm

Top inlet diameter: 300mm

3 phase geared motor

Ramsey RCCI Checkweigher


Graco Pump x2


Model: 205/032

Series: F95L

Southern Cross Air Compressor/Air Dryer


Air compressor:

Model: FS 18/8

Serial: 05970208

YOM: 1997


Air dryer:

Model: ADL-30F

Air flow: 3.8m3/min

Working pressure: 0.2-1.0 MPA

Serial: 11061607

YOM: 2011

Rotary Screw Air Compressor/Air Dryer


Air compressor:

Model: DA-10A

Rev: 2905 r/min


Dimensions: 800mm x 640mm x 840mm

Air dryer:

Model: ADL-30F

Air flow: 3.8m3/min

Working pressure: 0.2-1.0 MPA

Serial: 11061574

YOM: 2011

Tuttnauer Autoclave – Steam Steriliser


Model: 1730EKA

3-lane pillow style sachet machine with powder auger screw feeders (4x available)


Food Machine BTO256SHT Mixer


Auger Screw Feeder


3x available, never used

Flow Wrapper


2013 model

Double jaws

Max width 130mm

Max height 30mm

Adjustable forming box

Touch screen

Max film width 300mm

Single phase, 240V, 50Hz

Dimensions: (L) 4700 x (W) 900 x (H) 1600mm

Weight: 500kg

Mini B-Doy Machine


2019 model

10-head Multi-head Weigher – IOPAK KD2000



VFFS Packaging Machine – IOPAK IWS-600



Sonic Knife Cutter & Stand, Commercial Guillotine Cheese Cutting


Stainless steel stand with guard.

Round plate with notches for 12 even slice cake cuts.

Smooth up down lever.


Automatic Thermal Shrinkage Film Wrapping Package Machine


Bundle wrapper channeliser with shrink tunnel


DIMAC Blue Star F

4.3m conveyor with 3.5m side transfer conveyor


Crown Simplimatic

4-head semi-automatic liquid filler


Pneumatic up and down

Fill via gravity

Carbonation valve setup

No power – Compressed air only

Semi-automatic lid screw capping machine


48-head Bottle Place and Pack Cartoner

Includes carton erector & carton taper


10lt 3-head filling system with rinser


500ml to 10lt

Capping press unit


3.8m Conveyor


3.8m length
150mm belt width
3 phase

Mini B-Doy Machine


*Located in Cleveland QLD

2017 Model

Bag height: 150-430mm

Bag width: 100-300mm


90 Degree Conveyor


Total Length: 3440mm

Total Width: 1400mm

Height: 800-940mm (Adjustable feet)

Belt Width: 390mm

3 Phase, 420V, 50Hz

Slat belt


Stainless steel

Pin Mill


Commercial sized pin mill

3 Phase, 63 Amp

Water cooling inlets

2x screen assemble sizes

Electric 500ml Filler with Bottom Up Fill


500ml Piston Filler on Platform


Stainless Steel Vegetable Shredder with Bin Lifter and Interchangeable Cutting Heads


Urschel USA brand

3Ph, 420V, 50Hz




Model: TRL-1-120
Series: KD16031602
Flow: 0-4000L/H
Inlet/outlet: 51/38mm
RPM: 2900RPM
Power: 3ph/415v/50hz/4KW
YOM: 03/16


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