1. KOMPASS – Continuous Plastic Lid Press Capper

Model: Star Four PS-PK

Serial: TP477

Max cap diameter: 100mm

2. Rotary Doy Machine (8-Head)

Doy max bag size:

– 200mm width

– 305mm length


4. Metal Detector

Two available (One unit’s infeed is left to right, the other is right to left)

Orifice: 160mm width x 43mm height

5. Ex-Demo Bowl Elevator Unit

Great for sticky products!

6. Ex-Demo Colloid Mill

Recirculating Tube.

Adjustable Stator

Great for making pastes.

7. NU-CON Sifter

Sifting screen


3-Phase 4pin 10-amp

8-inch infeed flange

5-inch inlet

Fines outlet: 8-inch

Course outlet: 3-inch

Overall length: 1300mm

Overall width: 460mm

Height: 770mm

Mobile castors

8. 6m Conveyor

Length: 6m

Belt width: 380mm

Start/stop DOL

9. Vacuum Filler

10. Vibratory Feeder

Unit dimensions (LxWxH): 900mm x 950mm x 1010mm

Hopper dimensions (LxWxDepth): 680mm x 880mm x 500mm

Single phase with vibratory control

Contact surfaces stainless steel

Frame painted mild steel

12. Battering Unit

Machine cycling: https://youtu.be/WVurFU6yfk8

14. Rotary Doy – General Packer

One-head setup for Doy bag flat bag 90 x 164 mm long, 250 gram

Can be used with liquid filler, powder auger or weigh filler



15. Loma Metal Detector Head

Orifice: 350mm width x 145mm height

16. L-Bar Sealer W/ Tunnel

17. Powder Bagger

Vertical Form Fill Seal with Auger Filler.

Great condition


3-Phase, 415V, 50Hz

Touch screen

Italian 2001 Model

18. Conical Tank w/ Rotary Valve Feeder

Height: 1740mm

Diameter: 760mm

Top inlet diameter: 300mm

3 phase geared motor

20. Cling Carton Taper with Auto Top/Bottom Flap Closer

21. Ramsey RCCI Checkweigher

22. Graco Pump x2

Model: 205/032

Series: F95L

23. Auger Screw

Outlet height: 3100mm

Outlet diameter: 120mm

Inlet diameter: 170mm

3 Phase, 420V

24. Southern Cross Air Compressor/Air Dryer

Air compressor:

Model: FS 18/8

Serial: 05970208

YOM: 1997


Air dryer:

Model: ADL-30F

Air flow: 3.8m3/min

Working pressure: 0.2-1.0 MPA

Serial: 11061607

YOM: 2011

25. Rotary Screw Air Compressor/Air Dryer

Air compressor:

Model: DA-10A

Rev: 2905 r/min


Dimensions: 800mm x 640mm x 840mm

Air dryer:

Model: ADL-30F

Air flow: 3.8m3/min

Working pressure: 0.2-1.0 MPA

Serial: 11061574

YOM: 2011

26. Tuttnauer Autoclave – Steam Steriliser

Model: 1730EKA

28. Canning inverter with vacuum blower


29. Conveyor #2

Unit dimensions (LxWxH): 2550mm x 250mm x 925mm

3 Phase power

Gear drive

Australian made


30. Conveyor #3

Unit dimensions (LxWxH): 2070mm x 200mm x 925mm

3 Phase power

Gear drive

Australian made


31. UV tunnel

Overall unit dimensions (LxWxH): 2500mm (tunnel 2430mm) x 410mm x 1320mm

Belt dimensions (LxWxH): 2500mm x 300mm x 925mm

Max product height: 260mm

3 Phase power

Australian made


32. 90 degree conveyor #1

Overall unit dimensions (LxW): 3270mm x 1350mm

Belt dimensions (WxH): 250mm x 910mm

Slat belt

3 Phase power

Australian made


33. Conveyor #4

Unit dimensions (LxWxH): 2720mm x 250mm x 910mm

Slat belt

3 Phase power

Australian made


34. Auger filling unit

Course and fine augers (2x auger fillers)

Rotary indexing on load cells

Siemens controls

3 Phase power

Compressed air


35. Rotary screen

Rotary screen with vacuum chamber, vacuum, rotary valve inlet & screen

Inlet valve: 10 inchs

3-Phase, 420V (Compressed air needed)


36. Can lid placer/seamer/vacuum nitrogen unit for milk powder cans

Comes with 3 phase vacuum pump

Contact us for more information


37. Can de-dusting unit with vacuum blower


38. Conveyor #5

Unit dimensions (LxWxH): 2430mm x 200mm x 915mm


39. Plastic lid applicator and pressing unit

Unit dimensions (LxWxH): 2500mm x 250mm (Slat belt width) x 910mm (Conveyor height)

Max can diameter: 180mm

Max can height: 220mm

40. 90 degree conveyor #2

Unit dimensions (LxWxH): 3100mm x 1900mm x 910mm

Cleat width: 250mm

41. Buffer conveyor

1x left hand and 1x right hand

Each conveyor length: 2350mm

Total width: 600mm

Height: 910mm

Cleat width: 250mm


42. Motoman SK16 robotic can packer

Robotic can packer with carton opening accessories

Model: YR-DK16-C000

Payload: 16kg

Mass: 260kg

43. Mettler Toledo checkweigher

Length: 800mm

Width: 500mm

Height: 600mm


44. Laser printer

Model: CR-CL30

Laser type: CO2 Laser

Laser power: 30W

Serial: CRCL13062104

46. Kliklok Cartoner

Model: Concorde K80

Gluemelt (Spray glue nozzles units can be added)

4600mm x 1200mm x 1750mm


47. Pallet stretch wrapping machine

Model: EXP-108

Serial: P1004J326


48. 3-lane pillow style sachet machine with powder auger screw feeders (4x available)

49. Vibratory Sieve #1

800mm diameter

50. Vibratory sieve #2

Course and fine powder

52. Food Machine BTO256SHT Mixer

53. Auger Screw Feeder

3x available, never used

54. Carton Taper

55. Flow Wrapper

2013 model

Double jaws

Max width 130mm

Max height 30mm

Adjustable forming box

Touch screen

Max film width 300mm

Single phase, 240V, 50Hz

Dimensions: (L) 4700 x (W) 900 x (H) 1600mm

Weight: 500kg

56. Mini B-Doy Machine

2019 model

57. 4-Side Seal Sachet Machine

2011 model

Hersonber – HW-1314

Auger filling system

L50~120mm x W30~80mm



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